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Is this YOU?



You ask yourself "Was that it?" or "What's next?" 

You google stuff like “midlife crisis symptoms”, “am I depressed?" or "how to find my purpose?"

You feel lost or stuck but you can’t quite put your finger on why that is?

The corporate grind is wearing you down and you feel stagnant? But the money’s OK, the economy's wobbly and you have bills to pay?

You “ReNumb” yourself by consuming copious amounts of alcohol / Netflix / social media / exercise…? (delete where applicable)

You notice your body’s changing in odd ways?

Your mind’s full of should-be’s / must-do’s of life?

Your sanity is seriously challenged with the terrible twos / tweens / teens?


Bonus question: You secretly feel like throwing caution to the wind, screaming
“F*ck it, I’m (nearly) 40 / 50!” 


Welcome to midlife transition. You're in the right place.

We got you!

Why choose Midlife Rocks™?


There are many transform-yourself-in-30-day-challenge courses out there that promise you the earth. We know change takes time. That's why the Midlife Rocks! programme is designed to run with 8 weekly modules. 

As a busy person juggling many balls, that gives you time and space to develop fresh thinking, test out stuff and create a new mindset.

Though we don't promise you the earth, we do promise to help you get from crisis to calm and clarity in 8 weeks. 

That's a pretty good start, don't you think?


What you'll get

Curated Content

Tried-and-tested, condensed and bite-sized content. Save hours of "crisis" research and reach your goals faster.

Fun, Fierce Facilitator

Teaching and coaching competently with humour and compassion, Lisa helps you make midlife rock more!

Friendly Community

Our private, safe community connects you with others to exchange ideas, insights, experiences and support!

Group Coaching

Four bi-weekly group sessions to kick off, check in and wrap up.  To keep you engaged, supported & accountable.

Nerd + WooWoo

Based on the latest research and spiritual practices, we've got both covered for your best learning.

The o.R.g.y Method ™

Transforms your midlife mindset and helps you master your middlescence. Your life will rock forever!

What people are saying...


Got to the crux of what held me back

"I have to admit that the programme is really fun to follow. It’s a perfect mix of videos, exercises and quizzes.

Lisa’s style is very relaxed, yet she coaches very effectively. Importantly, you know she is always there for you if you need guidance.

As Midlife Rocks progressed, I have found that it is very much a process that has made me question things that I have done over and over again in my life. I now feel better equipped to break the cycle and move forward in leaps and bounds."

Nathalie, U.K.

Large scale midlife change can be scary

I was in a place that I was very good at what I was doing. I just didn’t enjoy it any more. I oscillated between “YES I want to make a move” and “This is too hard. Why give up a happy pay cheque?” Over 3-4 years, I compromised and my energy became heavy and stagnant.

I was so lucky that I met Lisa. She's passionate about providing a practical framework and timely coaching to allow a middlescent like me to test out my various hypothesis without fear. Reinventing yourself is never a straight line.

More importantly, Lisa's coaching gave me courage and support to take my "oldies Reconnecting gap year(s)".

It was the best gift that I’ve given to myself. Now with more clarity, I'm in a much happier place. I'm so glad that confused middlescents can now have access online to an amazing Sherpa like Lisa and allow their adventurous souls to live life to the fullest.

Yvonne, Singapore
Regional Director, global L&D company

Get unstuck and move forward!

“Sometimes in life we get stuck, and I mean the kind of stuck that no amount of willpower will get you out of. Lisa is the perfect person to help you get you out of your rut and get clear about what it is you really want to do with your life.

Midlife Rocks has helped me gain focus, to put life into perspective and put an action plan together for a truly exciting future.

I highly recommend Lisa and The School of Midlife to anyone who needs to get unstuck and move forward.”

Bianca, Australia

All of us have one life to live

While we give ourselves make-overs, let's not waste our midlife as what's ahead of us is bigger than what's behind us!

Testing, trying and taking those small steps are a part of living a joyful and fulfilling life. 

Lisa has showed me the many ways by which I can test, try and take the steps to live courageously and be true to who I am. 

Jovina, Singapore

I am not alone!

"Interesting and insightful, Midlife Rocks has been a real eye-opener and helped me re-evaluate my "mid-life".
It's packed with great advice and useful tips on how to start thinking differently during this difficult phase in life, as well as helping me understand that I am not alone!
It has given me the impetus to make changes immediately, as well as starting my thinking process rolling for the next phase of my life and what I want to achieve. Lisa delivers the content with flair, humour and understanding. I would thoroughly recommend Midlife Rocks to others".

Celina, U.K. 

Learned how to be in-line with my values


I joined the Midlife Rocks! programme as I was inspired by the dynamic energy and the humour of Lisa, the founder.

As I started the programme journey, I realised that many of my past beliefs had been impacting my actions and decisions. Now I've learned how to be more in-line with my values.

I enjoyed the self assessments, the resources, the tips and sharing the experience with the group.

Today, I'm ready to embrace life with more awareness and make my coming years of life rock!

Nadine, Singapore

My midlife sucks

a bit / a lot / not yet*

What are you waiting for? 

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Hi, I’m Lisa, 

A seasoned, certified corporate coach and facilitator turned school creator, midlife activist and blogger, I love to help people learn how they can transform their own midlife with humour and compassion.

I'm on a mission: how we can make our middlescence (midlife + adolescence) something we look forward to, embrace and live consciously. Rather than dread, deny and live mindlessly...

A camper van trip along the Great Ocean Road became the catalyst for me to stop muddling through 6 year's of midlife in 2017 and the birth of my own personal o.R.g.y, as I named it. My oldies ReEnergising gap year! 

Whilst working my corporate gigs, I launched my blog life begins at 40 o.R.g.y in 2019. Then came the COVID-19 lockdown and a RePivot idea plopped into my mind and heart. And so The School of Midlife came into being July 2020.

On a professional note  Over the past 20+ years in Europe and Asia, I've taught and coached thousands of leaders and their teams about how to improve their leadership and teamwork through quality conversations. 

I believe when we have quality, two-way conversations we create stronger relationships, which in turn generate better results. Both for ourselves and with others. Both personally and professionally.

With a dual BA (Hons.) in European Business Administration and Diplom BWL, I am a MBTI© and NLP Master Practitioner, as well as an ICF accredited coach with certifications in corporate mindfulness and laughter yoga facilitation.

On a personal note Born in the Summer of Love, I'm a lover, mother, wife (of the lover), polyglot, meditator, fan of Doc Martens and all things black, liberated empty nester, green tea & gin-swigging Brit based in Singapore since 2006. I have an MSc. in Overthinking and am currently completing my PhD in Getting Shit Done.

What you'll learn


The experiential learning style of our Midlife Rocks! programme means that you'll not just get a bunch of theory or research, though some is useful to understand why the crazy midlife stuff is going on inside us.

Experiential learning means you'll have to get off your lovely bottom to test ideas, thoughts and insights floating around in your head and heart.

In life, we generally learn best by taking action. Test and Learn. ReExpand your comfort zone.

To riff on Nike's slogan, if you don't know what "it" is yet  -and let's be honest, who does-  then just do something!

Reflection & Insight

When your mind’s busy with must- and should-do’s, where’s the work-life balance/harmony?!  You’ll learn how to gain awareness and get insights on your “want-to-do’s”.

And Action!

Whilst reflection is useful, constantly gazing at your navel gets you to one place. Nowhere. You’ll learn how to take thoughts and put them into action. Forget perfect. Practice makes progress.


Feeling anxious, angry or fearful? Calm is the core of ReStoring your midlife.You’ll learn how to take time out and create space for yourself. Get from falling to pieces to peace.


Need to get a clear picture of where you're now and where you’re heading?  You’ll learn about your strengths, struggles, values and identity and how to leverage them. ReSparkle with clarity!


Is there a method to midlife madness? Absolutely! With the o.R.g.y method you’ll learn how to ReCreate and ReInvent your midlife as you move forward. Make your midlife rock forever.


Do you buy in to social narratives that midlife’s a crisis-paved, slippery slope? You’ll learn how to shake up your way of thinking with the R in your o.R.g.y. Transform to a middlescent mindset!


Frequently asked questions

My midlife sucks

a bit / a lot / not yet*

What are you waiting for? 

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